The Opening of ICCA Headquarters

This third article of mine brings you updated with current happennings in ICCA. It is also partly the reason for starting this blog. The openning ceremony of the ICCA, which is also the third branch in Malaysia, was on the 16th of December 2008.

Its 4 storeys high and consist of a retail (shown above) and Cupcake Corner on the ground floor, 3 connecting rooms for conducting classes on the second floor, and the administration offices on the top floor. The first floor was not opened at that time, I presume to be the baking floor.

The Cupcake Corner which I have to find out what flavours they have and the pricing...

This is the side view of building, since its the corner lot. The Cupcake Corner also has a side entrance which is located after the window displays.

We now move on to the second floor. What you see here are 2 classrooms. The one further inside is the baking classroom. You can see the mixers on the tables.

My fellow WMI, Lynnette having a cookie decorating demo as part of the agenda that day.

A well known chef, TanSeeFong showing his cake painting skills.

Rosalind's wedding cake showpiece.

Lynnette's cake.

Me and my cake. Its a 3 tiered fondant covered cake with drapes and moth orchids. The colour of the drape has faded within one day. I was told it was the lighting. Someone else said it was the Wilton Burgundy colour which fades easily conpared to others. Anyway, stay tuned for a step-by-step moth orchid tutorial in my next blog!

WMI group photo.


Wilton Method Instructor (WMI) Seminar

The pre-requisite for applying to be a WMI is the completion of the Wilton Course 1, 2 and 3. Here are the steps:
  1. You just tick the box in the attendance sheet where they ask whether you are interested in becoming a WMI.
  2. Fill up the Application Form and submit it. The next WMI Seminar will be in March 2009.
  3. Next, just wait to be called for an interview.
The WMI Seminar is conducted over a period of 5 consecutive days. Basically, you will be going through whatever is being taught in Course 123, but at a slower pace with more details included. A manual is provided which emphasize preparations before classes, step by step instructions for each lesson, as well as tips and a whole lot more...

The below are pictures from the Regional Southeast Asia WMI Seminar which I attended in 2007. It was held at Royal Bintang Hotel next to The Curve in Damansara. The seminar fees was RM1,400. We still get all three Student Kits as well as lots of Wilton products not included in the kits. Among the really good goodies were the 20" Rolling Pin, A Trim N Turn Cake Stand, the 15" Angled Spatula and the Deluxe Tip Case.

This is probably in Day 1, our tables are still neat and clean. We were told to bring a bath towel each. The reason could be to keep the green felt clean and also so that we could work within our own boundaries.

One of our trainers in action. We had 2 trainers at each side of the table, going through the same motions as one of them do the instructing as well. After each task, we proceed back to our tables and attemp the task.

This is our assessment for Course 1.

Our assessment for Course 2.

The fondant dummy cake for Course 3. Notice how full our table is now? Full of goodies... :-)

We had a graduation and farewell dinner on the last day. The above is the Wilton Team of Trainers and Marketing Team from US, giving out the certs.

The new Malaysian WMIs(2007), all ready to go!


Wilton Intensive Course 123

This is the beginning of my journey into cake decorating...somewhere around August 2007. Yes, it has been more than a year before I decide to blog about it.

The Wilton Intensive Course 123 is conducted byInternational Centre of Cake Artistry (ICCA), Malaysia. It is conducted over a 3-day period specially tailored for students who are not able to attend weekly classes in Kuala Lumpur. It was truly an experience in itself during my class as there were over twenty of us from all over Malaysia and even from Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and India!

Here's Rosalind in action, our Instructor and also currently CEO of ICCA. We started each day at 9am and by the third day ended almost at 10pm.

Here's our graduation picture with our 3-tiered graduation(wedding) cake which for some of us (like me) is our first...though its just a dummy cake...

It's me and my cake!
A sweet welcome to the beginning of my blog!


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