Wilton Intensive Course 123

This is the beginning of my journey into cake decorating...somewhere around August 2007. Yes, it has been more than a year before I decide to blog about it.

The Wilton Intensive Course 123 is conducted byInternational Centre of Cake Artistry (ICCA), Malaysia. It is conducted over a 3-day period specially tailored for students who are not able to attend weekly classes in Kuala Lumpur. It was truly an experience in itself during my class as there were over twenty of us from all over Malaysia and even from Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and India!

Here's Rosalind in action, our Instructor and also currently CEO of ICCA. We started each day at 9am and by the third day ended almost at 10pm.

Here's our graduation picture with our 3-tiered graduation(wedding) cake which for some of us (like me) is our first...though its just a dummy cake...

It's me and my cake!
A sweet welcome to the beginning of my blog!


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