Gum Paste Moth Orchid Tutorial

Here it is! The tutorial on moth orchid also known as Phalaenopsis Orchid , particularly popular as wedding flowers. There are about 60 species in a variety of shapes and colours. Some of the big petals can be frilled, or curved inwards or outwards. If unsure, just use the link above or google it to check. That's what I did!

In this picture, you can compare it with the one on my previous blog entry. See how the burgandy has faded. :( This picture is taken immediately upon completion of the cake.

Let's get on with the tutorial...
Step 1: Use the cutter to cut out the labellum (throat), thin out the sides, use the foil to give it a cupped shape. Poke wire 26 (white) through the top and let it harden overnight in its foil.

Step 2: Cut the bigger petals using the cutter and press on to the veiner. Use wire 26 (white) and give it a curved shape by resting the petal on an egg holder overnight.

Step 3: There are 2 different cutters for the smaller petals. Cut and vein them as in Step 2.

Step 4: Above are all the petals needed. Colour them using a specific powdered colour (available in ICCA or any of its distributors ), costing RM30.00 for one colour.

Step 5: This is a close-up of the labellum. Use a small piece of gum paste to mould the moth's head and poke through the wire. The moth's head is a smaller version of the unopened buds.

Step 6: Atttach both the bigger petals behind the labellum using the green floristry tape.

Step 7: Attached the top petal.

Step 8: Followed by the 2 bottom petals.

And there you have it, life-size moth orchid!
E-mail me at ttyhien@acupcakeproject.com if you are interested in attending classes for this.


  1. Salam....
    I'm interested..
    Are we going to have this class in Wah Seng? If yes it will be great...

  2. Salam Linda,

    I'm actually looking at another venue (Olympia College). The date can is more flexible...will keep you updated on it. I plan to have it in the month of March, a Saturday...

  3. hi
    im interested in joing the class, but need to know how much will be the fees and will u be teaching other flowers as well??


  4. Hi Inn,

    I am charging RM300.00 for it. Its inclusive of the cutters and veiners for the moth orchid and leaves (leaves not shown here on my blog), as well as other materials. The only thing not included are the colours. You can use mine during class. It can also be purchased at ICCA or Crystal Colours

    Classes will be 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon. We concerntrate on one type of flower at a time.

    Yes, I plan to teach other flowers as well...just wait for my post in this blog.:)

  5. hi Nurainie,
    i am interested in learning ur moth orchid...
    where u are conducting this course? in ipoh or KL?
    can u email me more info what flowers u r teaching?

    thank you

  6. Hi Nurainie,

    I'm working on a blog http://arakina.blogspot.com/ I do hope you don't mind me adding your profile, link and tutorial there. More I'd appreciate if you have me as your friend.

    Best wishes,


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I like to see how others make their gumpaste flowers. I will soon post a moth orchid and you can see how I make them. Our cutters and veiners are different but the concept is the same. Thanks for sharing. I hope to have a tutorial in the next couple of weeks..

  9. Thanks for this tutorial. Thanks for sharing. They're really beautiful!!



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