Wilton Course 2

Over the weekend, I conducted the Wilton Course 2 in Wah Seng, Ipoh. There were only 4 students though it was planned 2 months ago. I still have students wanting to attend the Course 2, however, due to Chinese New Year approaching, many were not available. Therefore, the next session of Course 2 shall be either February or March. Below are selected photos from the Course 2 session.

Here is Haslinda in action.

Our creations for Wilton Course 2.

My version of Wilton Course 2...a Chinese New Year themed cake. Two sizes of apple/cherry blossoms. Original uses tip 101 & 1. To make bigger size, use tip 103 & 3. Technique is the same.

Me and my group of students who can't wait for Wilton Course 3.


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