Valentine Teddies as Cake Toppers

Aren't they cute?! Two teddy bears exchanging hearts for Valentine's Day. Want to own them or give them to loved ones? Three ways to do it:

  1. Follow the the tutorial below
  2. Order them from me as cake toppers. A pair cost RM10.00 only!
  3. Order a nicely custom-decorated cake with these two teddies as toppers. Cake is priced according to your specifications.

For No. 2 and 3, kindly email me at ttyhien@acupcakeproject.com

Acknowledgement must be made to Perfect Party Cakes Made Easy by Carol Deacon.

These are the tools needed.

Divide and colour fondant into 2 shades of brown. The bigger fondant uses a ratio or 3:1 of Wilton Brown : Wilton Cooper. The smaller fondant uses 1:1 of Wilton Brown : Wilton Cooper.

Mould and shape.

Assemble and stick using gum glue (Gum Tex + water)

Mould and stick muzzle. Use toothpick to make pads on soles.

Use food writer draw eyes, nose and mouth. Another option is to draw before assembling muzzle to prevent smudges.

Use heart shape cutter to cut out hearts and attach to hands. Alternatively, substitute with chocolates or sweets, as originally shown in the book.

Tip: The size of teddies must be dependent on size of cookie cutter or sweets.


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