Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Silicone evolved from being used as non-stick baking mats to spatulas, whisks, and now to bakeware like muffin pans, moulds and even baking cups like the one I used to try out a new recipe, Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies. Shown above is one of the Wilton brand of silicone bakeware. They are the Mini-Baking Cups, 2 inches in diameter at a cost of RM36.40 for 12 pieces. The good points of using the silicone cups are:
  • bendable (especially when it come to cleaning them) and retains it shape well
  • hygienic, be sure no crust left stuck at unreachable corners as is usually the cake with traditional pans 
  • non-porous, doesn't retain odours and flavours
  • non-stick and easy to remove (instructions on tag says to grease and flour)
  • adds colour to any collection of baking equipments
Below is a recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies taken from a recipe book entitled Hamlyn Cookery School which has 150 recipes with step-by-step photography from stocks and sauces, to starters, vegetable side dishes, desserts and cakes.  


300 g plain chocolate, chopped
      125 g lightly salted butter
      150 g light muscadavo sugar
  75 g  self-raising flour
   75 g chopped almonds
       4 eggs
     300 g cream cheese
75 g  castor sugar
      1 tsp vanilla extract

Melt the chocolate with the butter in a medium-sized bowl.

Beat together the muscadavo sugar, flour, chopped almonds and 3 eggs in a mixing bowl to make a paste.

Beat in the melted chocolate mixture.

In a separated bowl, beat the cheese until softened. Beat in the castor sugar, remaining egg and the vanilla extract until smooth. 

Scoop the chocolate mixture into the baking cups, then spoon the cheese mixture on top. Use a spatula to swirl two mixture gently together, lifting some of the chocolate mixture into the cheese topping, until lightly marbled. (Don't overwork the mixture or the flavours will complete merge together.)

Bake in a pre-heated oven, 190 C (375 F) for about 20 minutes or until very softly set in the centre. Remove from cups when cooled.

A word of advice, follow the instructions on the tag to grease the cups before putting in the batter as yours truly here ignored the instructions and had to pry the cake from the cups using spatula.Conclusion, not all silicone bakewares has non-stick properties. 


Cupcake Corner

Here's a look at Cupcake Corner at ICCA. Cupcakes there does look sweet with price ranging from RM3 to RM3.80 for medium sized ones. Mini cupcakes goes for 4 pieces at RM5. On display were: 
  • Vanilla Blossom (Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting)
  • Berry Bomb (Goji Berries with Pumpkin Seed Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting)
  • Morning Glory (Blueberry Cupcake with Oat Streusel and Apricot Glaze)
  • Death by Chocolate (Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting)
  • Black Pearl ( Black Sesame Cupcake with Ginger Frosting and Peanuts)

Look absolutely scrumptious! I like the fact that its well-displayed, clean and comes with informative lables. 

Tea for two, anyone?

Three tables outside, two tables inside plus counter seats.

Make sure to come during opening hours. My next trip will definately be a tasting session! Too short of time this round.

WMI (Malaysia) 2009

ICCA welcomed new Wilton Method Instructors for 2009 last Sunday at the HQ at Damansara. Below are pictures on the event. This batch of WMIs have also create a Facebook group for all WMIs. Its currently upon invites only. I will be working on linking WMIs' sites to my blog. So, drop me a comment if any of WMIs happen to read this. ;) 

Rosalind giving a briefing.

The Wall of Fame is being introduced this year to acknowledge an individual's contribution to ICCA. The first on the Wall of Fame is Joanne Fam who has been with ICCA since the beginning when there were only three in the family. Her efforts and dedication has resulted the ICCA that you see today. Not forgeting dealing and solving problem for the firts batch of WMIs. I would like to personally thank Jo for making a trip to Ipoh with Stephen and helping me get an account with Wah Seng. Thank you and congratulations Jo!

The Wall of Fame...isn't it grand?!

Some of our 2009 WMIs. All equiped to teach!

A Big Happy Family!!


Froot Loops and Koko Crunch Cupcakes

Want to eat cupcakes but too lazy for frosting? Look at my Kiwi Cupcakes baked with Froot Loops on top and sprinkled with icing sugar. This idea is from Gastronomy Blog where Apple Jacks are used. Don't think there's any Apple Jacks in Malaysia. Also check out The Crepes of Wrath and I found that their Froot Loops has brighter colours. Therefore, the colours turned out better than mine. I also made lemon cupcakes with Koko Crunch sprinkled with icing sugar. 

Kiwi Cupcakes with Froot Loops

Lemon Cupcakes with Koko Crunch

Both of the taste good! Soft on the insides and crunchy on top!


Cupcake Class 2

This is an update to my next cupcake class on Saturday, 28th March 2009. Below are the 4 designs as well as tools to bring. Designs are 90% using fondant and 10% using butter cream.  Since its a hands-0n class, the things to bring are compulsory, whereas the optional are to bring if you already have them. If not, you can use mine in class. They are also for sale at Wah Seng. Cupcakes will be provided in class. Have you tried the Kiwi premix? or Blueberry? Hmm...will persuade Mrs Lai to provide that...definately better than ordinary butter cake.

A brief explanation on the designs; top left is a typical ribbon enhanced by using textured roller and dust with gold Pearl Dust, top right is a top bow with jagged edges, bottom left is button flower using the latest Wilton product (Fondant Cut and Press Set) shown in the Wilton Yearbook 2009, bottom right is a basket of flowers (feel free to improvise by adding a butterfly on the flowers!).

Hope to see you in class!

Things to bring: blade/cutter, scissors, ruler, spatula, , small rolling pin, empty container for cupcakes.

Optional things to bring: Wilton Cutter/Embosser, Wilton 9in Rolling Pin, Button Flower Fondant Press Set, Floral Garland Cutter/Ejector Set, Fondant Shaping Foam, Ball Tool


Kinderland Sports Day 2009

The much awaited Kinderland Sports Day is finally here! Had not been blogging much for the past week cause there is so much preparations when you do events. Had to bake cookies, decorated the bigger ones to be packed for sale, print promotional materials and display lables and baked some cupcakes for sale too. Lastly to ensure sufficient icing for decorating and some containers and tissue to be prepare as things could get messy. 

Hand painted banner. I wonder whether its done by the teachers. Teachers there are really artistic and creative as they decorate the foyer of the main entrance every year. This year is underwater world...there's jelly fishes hanging from the ceiling and everywhere is blue.  

Medals and trophies all ready to be won.

The athletes marching in. Yellow house, green house, red house, blue house. No letting go of balloons for the opening ceremony this year? I guess everyone is more environmental concious these days.

Check out the cuuute toddlers. These are the pre-nursery children, minimum age of 18 months to 3 years old. Behind them are the excited parents armed with cameras...ha ha...went through that stage myself.

This is a video of the opening pom pom dance. Just managed to capture the ending part. My video skills need improvement.

Here you see children getting up to get their balloons. Its something new for this year's sports day. The later part of the day saw parents forming a line to get balloons...no kids in sight...the things parents would do for their child. Poor clown! 

A helping hand...

Full concentration.

My favourite photo of the day.

This cute girl is 2 years old. She had to line up as all seats were taken up that time. When she finally get to sit, she laughed. When I placed a cookie infront of her, she laughed again. Must be an exciting time for her.

Kids at work!

Some theme cookies I prepared.

Follow ups to this event:


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