Cupcake Class 2

This is an update to my next cupcake class on Saturday, 28th March 2009. Below are the 4 designs as well as tools to bring. Designs are 90% using fondant and 10% using butter cream.  Since its a hands-0n class, the things to bring are compulsory, whereas the optional are to bring if you already have them. If not, you can use mine in class. They are also for sale at Wah Seng. Cupcakes will be provided in class. Have you tried the Kiwi premix? or Blueberry? Hmm...will persuade Mrs Lai to provide that...definately better than ordinary butter cake.

A brief explanation on the designs; top left is a typical ribbon enhanced by using textured roller and dust with gold Pearl Dust, top right is a top bow with jagged edges, bottom left is button flower using the latest Wilton product (Fondant Cut and Press Set) shown in the Wilton Yearbook 2009, bottom right is a basket of flowers (feel free to improvise by adding a butterfly on the flowers!).

Hope to see you in class!

Things to bring: blade/cutter, scissors, ruler, spatula, , small rolling pin, empty container for cupcakes.

Optional things to bring: Wilton Cutter/Embosser, Wilton 9in Rolling Pin, Button Flower Fondant Press Set, Floral Garland Cutter/Ejector Set, Fondant Shaping Foam, Ball Tool


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