Kinderland Sports Day 2009

The much awaited Kinderland Sports Day is finally here! Had not been blogging much for the past week cause there is so much preparations when you do events. Had to bake cookies, decorated the bigger ones to be packed for sale, print promotional materials and display lables and baked some cupcakes for sale too. Lastly to ensure sufficient icing for decorating and some containers and tissue to be prepare as things could get messy. 

Hand painted banner. I wonder whether its done by the teachers. Teachers there are really artistic and creative as they decorate the foyer of the main entrance every year. This year is underwater world...there's jelly fishes hanging from the ceiling and everywhere is blue.  

Medals and trophies all ready to be won.

The athletes marching in. Yellow house, green house, red house, blue house. No letting go of balloons for the opening ceremony this year? I guess everyone is more environmental concious these days.

Check out the cuuute toddlers. These are the pre-nursery children, minimum age of 18 months to 3 years old. Behind them are the excited parents armed with cameras...ha ha...went through that stage myself.

This is a video of the opening pom pom dance. Just managed to capture the ending part. My video skills need improvement.

Here you see children getting up to get their balloons. Its something new for this year's sports day. The later part of the day saw parents forming a line to get balloons...no kids in sight...the things parents would do for their child. Poor clown! 

A helping hand...

Full concentration.

My favourite photo of the day.

This cute girl is 2 years old. She had to line up as all seats were taken up that time. When she finally get to sit, she laughed. When I placed a cookie infront of her, she laughed again. Must be an exciting time for her.

Kids at work!

Some theme cookies I prepared.

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