WMI (Malaysia) 2009

ICCA welcomed new Wilton Method Instructors for 2009 last Sunday at the HQ at Damansara. Below are pictures on the event. This batch of WMIs have also create a Facebook group for all WMIs. Its currently upon invites only. I will be working on linking WMIs' sites to my blog. So, drop me a comment if any of WMIs happen to read this. ;) 

Rosalind giving a briefing.

The Wall of Fame is being introduced this year to acknowledge an individual's contribution to ICCA. The first on the Wall of Fame is Joanne Fam who has been with ICCA since the beginning when there were only three in the family. Her efforts and dedication has resulted the ICCA that you see today. Not forgeting dealing and solving problem for the firts batch of WMIs. I would like to personally thank Jo for making a trip to Ipoh with Stephen and helping me get an account with Wah Seng. Thank you and congratulations Jo!

The Wall of Fame...isn't it grand?!

Some of our 2009 WMIs. All equiped to teach!

A Big Happy Family!!


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