Frangipani...A Wedding Flower?

Frangipani...a common flower in Malaysia, known to produce a wonderful scent, is also known as Plumeria rubra. It is a tropical flower, native to Mexico, Central America, Southern India, Venezuela and is the national flower of Nicaragua and Laos.

According to Wikipidia, the flowers have no nectar and are most fragrant at night and possesses poisonous, milky sap. Its colour ranges from white with a yellow centre to pink and blood red.

In several Pacific islands, frangipani is used for making leis and indicate relationship status, whereas in Malay folklore, it is associated with ghosts and demons (pontianak) and is known as graveyard flower, as per discussion in forum here.

Elsewhere, it has been a wedding favourite and is also a popular flower used in cake decorations.

I found this rare frangipani in front of a shoplot near my house. This is the second time I've seen this plant in front of shops. Guess it is now a decorative plant with feng shui purposes. 

A close-up of the flower. Compared to the white species, its petals are not as thick.


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