Gum Paste: Satin Ice vs Wilton

Wah Seng in Ipoh has just stocked up Satin Ice Gum Paste, an alternative for cake decorators to use besides the Wilton brand. Thought I would experiment on both to construct one of the everlasting favourites to have on wedding cakes; the Rose. The price for Wilton is double that of Satin Ice. Both packaging comes with devices to prevent exposure to air which could cause gum paste to harden. 

Let the test begin! On the left is Satin Ice Gum Paste, and on the right in Wilton Gum Paste.

Open up the packaging and pinch them out. Satin Ice is harder and more difficult to pinch. Could be easier using a metal spoon to help. Wilton is rubbery and more pinchable. The big difference is the colour and texture. Satin Ice is whiter and has a clay-like texture. Wilton is skin tone and rubbery and a little sticky. 

It is recommended to mix 50% Wilton Gum Paste with 50% Fondant(Sugar Paste) as shown above.

Here is the result. On the left is the original Satin Ice, and on the right is the kneaded 50:50 of Wilton Gum Paste + Fondant.

These roses are freshly made. There is a translucent effect on the Wilton rose, whereas Satin Ice remains white. Satin Ice petal is also harder to frill as you can see it looks quite stiff compared to the one on the right which is softer (having been mixed with fondant), therefore easier to frill, making the petals slightly bigger. 

These has been left overnight and has harden. One can hardly notice the difference in colour. In term of price, they even out as Wilton will be mixed with fondant, doubling its bulk. 


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