Wilton Course 1 (August 2009)

Cake creations by students of Wilton Course 1-August 09 group. From left to right: Janice, Vinitha, Yeok Ping, me, Syila, Kelly, Vivian and Saras. See you all next month for Course 2!


Frangipani Tutorial

Frangipani, a common tropical flower found scattered on both side of an avenue giving off sweet perfumed scent. Colour variations include white with yellow centre, which is the most fragrant, pink and dark red. Frangipani also symbolizes "shelter" as in "I will shelter you from all evils". It probably explain why some associate it to graveyards as frangipani trees are commonly found in Malaysian graveyards. Elsewhere, the Polynesian custom, frangipani is used for leis and given to one another as a sign of affection. The Hawaiians also give out leis during occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals and retirement parties.

Below is a tutorial on frangipani which is a really easy flower to make and the result is just so sweet.

Roll out gumpaste, not too thin.

Use a tear drop cutter to cut out 5 petals.

Dust both sides of petals and arrange them in a fan shape. Press the sharp ends together to prevent movement of petals in the next step.

Roll holding the sharp ends. Ensure point A reaches point B.

Pinch the ends together and trim off the pointed end.

Open up petals and rest them to form the shape. I use a Ferrero Roche chocolate container.

Leave to dry. Once dried, dust with lusture dust and a paint brush. Start from middle of the flower and brush out.

The end result.

An arrangement idea.


The Oldest Trick in the Book - Rum Balls

Popularity of Rum Balls goes back to the 1960s, a favourite festive dessert during holidays or Christmas time. Some says its another version for Bourbon Balls, originated from the Irish. Both rum and bourbon consist of alcohol, as where it derives its name from.

Below is the non-alcoholic version which I call it Chocolate Balls. It is normally done with leftover cakes or cake scraps.

Firstly, melt cocoa powder with hot water until a watery consistency like below. I use good quality cocoa powder like Van Houten.

Pour in cocoa mixture into cake scraps.

Use fingers to press cake to ensure liquid is absorbed therefore making the whole cake mixture as shown below.

Mixture must be sticky so that it could be rolled into a ball and chocolate rice could stick on to it as below. I like to make them bite size where you could pop the whole thing in your mouth.

Place them into pastry cups.


Fun with Topsy Turvy Cake

Conducted a topsy-turvy cake project over the weekend. Also known as Mad Hatter cake as in the Alice in Wonderland tea party session with Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse.

Carving the shape the shape of the cake. Look at the amount of cake carved out in the purple basin. Will be converting them into Chocolate Balls next.

Decorating the different layers with funky designs. Undecorated, they look like round single seater couch.

Evelyn and Haslinda with their topsy-turvy cakes.


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