Frangipani Tutorial

Frangipani, a common tropical flower found scattered on both side of an avenue giving off sweet perfumed scent. Colour variations include white with yellow centre, which is the most fragrant, pink and dark red. Frangipani also symbolizes "shelter" as in "I will shelter you from all evils". It probably explain why some associate it to graveyards as frangipani trees are commonly found in Malaysian graveyards. Elsewhere, the Polynesian custom, frangipani is used for leis and given to one another as a sign of affection. The Hawaiians also give out leis during occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, funerals and retirement parties.

Below is a tutorial on frangipani which is a really easy flower to make and the result is just so sweet.

Roll out gumpaste, not too thin.

Use a tear drop cutter to cut out 5 petals.

Dust both sides of petals and arrange them in a fan shape. Press the sharp ends together to prevent movement of petals in the next step.

Roll holding the sharp ends. Ensure point A reaches point B.

Pinch the ends together and trim off the pointed end.

Open up petals and rest them to form the shape. I use a Ferrero Roche chocolate container.

Leave to dry. Once dried, dust with lusture dust and a paint brush. Start from middle of the flower and brush out.

The end result.

An arrangement idea.


  1. So simple n nice!! wana try..but i need to buy all the tools 1st..

  2. I love it... Will try, but have to buy the cutter 1st ;p Thanks for the tutorial.

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  4. I can't believe how simple this is to make! My daughter loves frangipani and you can bet that I will be trying them out sooooon. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. You can use a cardboard template too :) just place it on top and cut round with a knife or craft knife :) one of the good kinds of flowers that you dont actually need any tools with!

    1. That's true. I'm seeing many variations of this flower now.

    2. Thank you for your tutorial.Very helpful...



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