The Oldest Trick in the Book - Rum Balls

Popularity of Rum Balls goes back to the 1960s, a favourite festive dessert during holidays or Christmas time. Some says its another version for Bourbon Balls, originated from the Irish. Both rum and bourbon consist of alcohol, as where it derives its name from.

Below is the non-alcoholic version which I call it Chocolate Balls. It is normally done with leftover cakes or cake scraps.

Firstly, melt cocoa powder with hot water until a watery consistency like below. I use good quality cocoa powder like Van Houten.

Pour in cocoa mixture into cake scraps.

Use fingers to press cake to ensure liquid is absorbed therefore making the whole cake mixture as shown below.

Mixture must be sticky so that it could be rolled into a ball and chocolate rice could stick on to it as below. I like to make them bite size where you could pop the whole thing in your mouth.

Place them into pastry cups.


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