Wilton Course 2 (Sept 2009)

Wilton Course 2 has come and gone for my batch of 8 students who most of them will attending my Wilton Course 3 on October 3rd and 10th. An introduction here is appropriate.

Meet (from left to right)

Saras: who has been baking and decorating at every opportunity she get after completed her Course 1

Vinatha: will be wowing her husband and friends with her new skills when she gets back to Kuwait.

Syila: a supplier of steamed fruit cakes.

Evelyn: who has been waiting since last year for Course 2.

Janice: check-out her 25th wedding anniversary cake below.

Yeok Ping: runs a cafe up in Tanah Rata, Camerons.

Vivian: our official photographer.

Kelly: daughter of Mrs Lai who also blogs for Wah Seng

Graduating Course 2: The Basketweave Cake

Janice's cake.


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