Squires Kitchen's 24th Annual Cake Decorating, Chocolate & Sugarcraft Exhibition

ICCA will be organizing a Malaysian entourage to attend the Squires Kitchen Annual Exhibition 2010 from 12th to 14th March, 2010.

Highlights of the event includes:

  • The Wedding Cake Showroom
  • Meet the Experts
  • 5-Day International School
  • Have-A-Go
  • FREE Demonstrations
  • FREE Goody Bags!
  • Competitions
  • Mini Classes
  • Workshops
  • Displays
  • Show Offers
  • Chocolate Area
  • New Products
  • Trade stands
  • NEW Book
The Malaysian entourage under ICCA will be looking forward to additional benefits such as:

  • Free 3 Day admission tickets worth 26 Sterling Pounds
  • Special Table Space for the Malaysian entries at the Exhibition & Competition
  • A free specially customized Chocolate class with Mark Tilling, the UK Chocolate Master 2006-2009 for just the Malaysian entourage.

Google searches for happenings of past years' events have not been successful. Most post are on pre-event promotions and pictures of individual cakes submitted for the competition. Would love to do a blog post on post-event here...guess I'm signing up to go! Will be making it my 2010 goal for further development of skills and exposure. So much to see, learn and just soak-up the happenings there!


  1. This is interesting. How can we get the free admission? Is there any 'syarat-syarat' to apply?


  2. Free admission included in the package price...exact price will known in Dec.



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