How to Give Your Doll Cake A "Barbie" Look

A doll cake...one of the popular type of birthday cakes for girls. It is important for it to be of 'Barbie' proportions as little girls play with Barbie all the time and has an expectation on what a doll should be like.

This is the mold I used to bake the cake. Its Wilton's Classic Wonder Mold. It comes together with a Teen Doll Pick. I have inserted it into the mold so you can see the outcome after baking. The effect is a Victorian style of ballroom gown, Cinderella type. However, it could do with a little more height.

Here is an idea for the cake and filling. Its chocolate butter cake. I have this thing about chocolate and blueberries...so I have given it alternate layers of chocolate ganache and blueberry buttercream filling.

Next, place an upside down cupcake on top of the cake. The cupcake here is a normal butter cake to give a clear colour contrast for this tutorial. Two advantages here...you get a tapered waist as well as add height to the doll. The height problem might be caused by cake not raising or cake recipe insufficient to fill up the mold. The sharp edges from the cupcake bottom need to be trimmed before covering with fondant.

Once dressed up, this is what you will get. A doll cake with Barbie's statistics. It makes designing and creating the doll's dresses much more enjoyable. Have fun!


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