Christmas at Genting

Christmas here near! Tons of baking, therefore have not been blogging. Recently went for a quick holiday in Genting Highlands, Malaysia's integrated resort up in the mountains.

The unbelievable crowd at the outdoor theme park. Unlucky to have gone there while they were having their employee day. Longest cue was the Corkscrew Roller Coaster, one hour cuing in line.

The lobby of First World Hotel, the largest hotel in the world in terms of number of rooms, 6,000 plus. Why does the lobby always look like it is night time even though during the day? Answer: to confuse the gamblers and show off their lobby decorations.

There are 6 hotels all over Genting, each decorated for Christmas. This stall selling Christmas goodies is at First World Hotel.

A Gingerbread House in Genting Hotel.

Mr. Frosty


Me with giant sized cookies.

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