Cupcakes with Principals

One of our college's annual event is the Principal's Lunch, where we invite all Principals and Counselors from nearby secondary schools for a get-together. It is an opportunity to provide an update on our college happenings as well as get to know the latest development in local schools. During the event, we would include a talk or workshop which defers every year. This year, its a Hands-on Cupcake Decorating Workshop. A brief on simple piping techniques and effects of different piping nozzles were given, follow by hands-on decorating session. Each participant gets to decorate 4 pre-baked cupcakes using different colours of buttercream icing with different nozzles.

It was one of the "Destress and Get Creative" session. Principals are known to have a fierce, strict, and in control persona when we were students. Its great to see a different side of them, enthusiastic, creative, fun and full of jokes.

Me in action. Photo taken by Cecilia, one of my HND Hospitality Management student.

Principals in action.

One very happy Principal.


How to Make Gum Paste Lace Butterfly

Just got myself a box full of butterfly cutters of different sizes and shapes.

This is the finished product where I dust them with lustre dust using a big blusher sized brush.

Equipments to prepare: rolling pin, flower former, folded paper, dusting pouch, butterfly cutter, tips and white flower stamens.

Tips used are 1, 2, 3, 104, 101, 81 and 97.

Firstly, roll out the gumpaste.

Cut out the butterfly using the cutter.

Dust cornflour or icing sugar on both sides to ensure it is not sticky.

Use various tips to cut out designs.

Fold the butterfly and place them on the folded paper on a flower former.

Mold the body and stick in the feelers. Run blade across the body to make horizontal lines. If you prefer white butterflies, then this is it!
Another variation is the summer toned  butterflies below.


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