Traditional Malay Pulut Kuning Rice as Wedding Cake...and an additional step to Moth Orchid

Finally someone has responded to my challenge! Here's the traditional Malay pulut rice (glutinous tumeric rice) made into a wedding cake!

Its 2 tier with the top tier off-centre to enable better placing of the gumpaste flowers...2 pink peonies and 11 medium sized moth orchids.

These are individual portions moulded to look like mini cakes...together with their usual accompaniments on top.

An additional step to add to my moth orchid tutorial . Rest a flower wire on the foil to alleviate the feeler like thing at the ends of the labellum. This make it easier for dusting.

Colours used for dusting include Bumble Bee, Sunflower, Aurora and Scarlet's Velvet.


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