Basic Food Photography

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Basic Food Photography

                 Date     :    Sunday, 10th October 2010
                 Time     :    1:00pm - 5:00pm                     
                 Venue   :    Heritage Hotel Ipoh (tentative)
                 Fee      :    Single RM150.00
                                  Two in a team RM250.00
                Speaker:     En. Ali Mohd Noor,
                                 Food Styling and Food Photography Blog
                                 UiTM, Shah Alam

The workshop will be conducted for 4 hours with elements of theory, demonstration and hands-on. Participants will be exposed to basic techniques of food photography. The following elements will be focused throughout the workshop:

                        I) Introduction to basic food photography
                        II) Purpose of food photography
                        III) Setting up for food photography
                        IV) Basic camera setting for food photography
                        V) Concept, object, props and styling
                        VI) Angle of shoot in food photography

Who should attend this workshop?
Beginner in photography and those who would like to explore the food photography are welcome. Food enthusiast that love to snap pictures of their creation and anyone that feel food can communicate are equally welcome.

What to bring along?

   1) Digital camera or a decent DSLR camera 
   2) Laptop (be sure you have installed your camera software),
   3) A tripod (bring extra if you got any),
   4) Plate (white fancy plate to present your food)
   5) Food product (dessert, cakes, fruits... etc.)
   6) Linen of any colour (table cloth, table runner...etc)
   7) Any props that you think appropriate

Anything else? ---- Off course pen, pencil, notebook and your good self (please come with an open mind and you will be enjoying the session with us)

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Any questions regarding this event, please post under comment in this post. I will address it here is well.


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