Debbie Brown - Day 3

Third and last day...

We made Rainbow Magic cake...little girls would be familiar with this cartoon and the 7 rainbow faries. I have passed that stage...I have a living anime and manga dictonary at home now. 
Opps! Enough crapping...and keep my FB personality away from this blog. :)

 Step 1

 Step 2

 Step 3

 Step 4

 Step 5

What?! Only three faries instead of seven? Homework, please... 

Managed to squeeze Angelina Ballerina in...Thank you Debbie for these wonderful 3 days!

Lastly, thank you Rosalind for making me WMI of the Year 2009. And for these 5 days of class as its prize. Definitely renewed my interest and enthusiasm in the cake decorating field.
I have been asked a few times on how I get to be WMI of the Year...I'll just say here that I'm lucky, lucky, lucky! But if you were to ask me personally, I'll tell you the secret. :)


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