Eddie Spence MBE - Day 1

Having the opportunity to attend the 5 days class organised by ICCA this will be a series of daily posting to share going-ons in class.

Eddie Spence MBE, the master of royal icing, explaining the making of royal icing. 

 Right down to the details of how to make a good piping bag for flooding.

First, we had to make collars, pipe outline using the technique of crossovers and point-to-point.  

Flood them. 

Eddie, an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, trying to give as much individual attention as possible to everone...the are about 50 of us. Aren't we lucky?

This is Eddie's...and what we have to make for our cake.

This is mine. My boy has a devilish look...with one hand missing...but I so love  pressure piping now.

Below are some displays of Eddie's work...my camera does not do them justice...especially the eagle...


Stay tuned for Day 2 :) 


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