Using a Cookie Cutter for Fondant Designs (Bas-relief Technique)

Bas-relief, an ancient art technique of carving sculptures on a flat surface (stone, metal or wood) where the object raises a little from the background. In fondant work, it can be called 2 1/2 D, because it is neither flat nor standing upright. It is more common to hand-mould fondant pieces or use a tracing paper technique shown here by Dina Gandy and apply bas-relief technique. By using cookie cutters for bas-relief, we are looking at mass production and work standardization...as in factory work, so necessary when it come to festive season. Enjoy the tutorial below and hope it inspires you! 

Tools you need.

Step 1: Cut out fondant using the cookie cutter. I'm cutting out 2 for reasons you can see below.

Step 2: The first cut-out on the left acts as the background. From the second cut-out, cut the piece that you want raised. In this case, its the angel's dress. 

Step 3: Paste the dress on the background. 

Step 4: Hand-mould the face and halo and paste them onto the background. Indent lines for wings.

Step 5: Draw the eyes and mouth (easier when fondant is dry). Dust lustre dust on wings.

Another example...

Assemble cut-outs.


A different style.


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