Icy and Jason at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

The wedding of one of my former college student at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. It was a small gathering for thirty relatives and close friends. Yes, I was invited! So I shall write as a guest and give you insides of Hard Rock Hotel, as an outdoor wedding venue.

The facade of the building and its iconic guitar.

The outdoor set-up.

Beautiful dress!

Icy and Jason with the cake I did for them. The ribbon was in trend in wedding magazines, so I just copied the idea. Used gum glue to stick the ribbon. Love how the yellow peony matches the bouttonnaire and hand bouquet...purely coincidence.

Wedding favors...yellow and green macaron shells joined together. With bride and grooms' names on each side. 

The "Happy Family"...that's what they called themselves in college.
The bride and her siblings. All pretties and a handsome, younger brother Brian.

Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe. It was October, the breast cancer awareness month...therefore, Pinktober. 


We pre-ordered our main courses weeks before the wedding. Were given a list of 12 items to choose from. This was Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken. Serving portion was half a chicken...I'm full by looking at it!

This was better, it's Grilled Mediterranean Shrimp Linguine. 

The thing about gumpaste flowers, they can be pulled out (depending on the arrangement) from the cake and kept, how long before humidity get to it will depend on how and where it is kept...these are some of the tips to share with brides.

A peak into the bedroom...

...and bathroom.

The bar located in the middle of the lobby. Just love the white moth orchids on the guitar.

Finally, a happy bride and her Tiffany & Co. ring.


Smurfy Party!

 Welcome to a Smurf Party! 
Held at Ipoh City & Country Club for Jeevessh turning one year old on 11.11.11. 
All decorations done by Beauty Balloon.

 At the entrance.

There's even a guest book for birthday parties! 
Open up and you get to see 4 portraits of baby Jeevessh inside. 

Smurfs framing the entrance. All tables and chairs are in blue too. Took a photo of them, but something wrong with my camera settings, so you will just have to view them from the outside.  

The stage backdrop.

The cake tower.

My baby smurf! 
Its arms are on wires. 

 I like the balloons framing the buffet line...a balloon in a balloon...like a rainbow.

Another additional smurf cake...buttercream iced, picture taken at home. 

Party packs in blue and white theme colour.

That's all! 
Are you smurfed out yet?


Copyright Explained

The cake industry has never ending issues with copyrights. I am concerned about it as well, but there is just too much talk about it and no clear cut guidelines. This is partly due to the production of the product, which most times is for home consumption and also nature of the product which has a short shelf life. I am mostly concerned about it from the economic point of view, that is just one of the many reasons for copyright laws.

Research and work for one of my orders has lead me to Susan Lordi and her Willow Tree creations, you can read my blog post on figurine inspiration. I have written her an email and am sharing the reply from Demdaco below

Dear Nurainie:
What beautiful work you do!  It is so nice to see your many wonderful creations!  We are happy to know that you draw inspiration from Susan's Willow Tree, and we thank you for sharing your picture of your sugar interpretation of "New Life."  Normally, we have to say no to people and organizations that wish to use Willow Tree images or logo.  But because you are creating the sugar sculptures for just one individual's enjoyment and are not mass-producing them, it is all right for you to draw your own interpretations.  We do strongly caution you that it is not all right to copy the designs for the purpose of selling to large numbers of people.  It is against our licensure agreement to sponsor or to imply a relationship that does not exist.  We are very restricted with how we can use Willow Tree images.  We can allow only retailers to use images when they are promoting the sale of the three-dimensional sculptures (store fliers, advertisements, catalogs, etc.)  They must have a land-based store and have an account in good standing with DEMDACO.  The Willow Tree trademark, logo and copyrights are the property of Susan Lordi; and products, images and logo are protected by U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws--violations are subject to prosecution. 
Nurainie, your products are beautiful, and we are very flattered that you think of Willow Tree as your inspiration for your own unique creations. Thank you so much for asking us.  We appreciate your regard for our copyright very much, and we wish you much success with your business.
Marilyn Harre

I am grateful for Marilyn's reply and explanation on the copyright issues. This will provide me the clarity for future work on my designs.


I have found my figurine inspiration...

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would know my 'love' for figurines. I'm much more of a flower person and therefore dread having to do figurines, even animal ones. Then one day, I received a call for Isaac, looking for a first year wedding anniversary cake. One look at the attachment from my mobile phone, I said "It's beyond my level!"

See what I mean?! 

Instead of Google, I turned to Pinterest this time...and found Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi. I love how her sculptures convey messages through body language and positioning alone. Each piece has a name. The above is New Life. 

This is the result. For Isaac, Rachel and their three month old baby.
A lot of subtle positioning have not been captured, example the bending of the father's leg, the placement of the mother's hand and face, therefore, the real 'feeling' is not conveyed here.  

I can't know the placement of the mother's hand from the picture, so I created my own 'subtle' positioning.

And also make the joining of arms to body 'seemless'...lots of cracks (can't be seen from photos), not easy at all! And my figurines currently have no mouth...I have not gotten to that stage yet.

Anyway, I'm happy with it...and look forward to doing more figurines. Susan Lordi is my figurine inspiration and I'm thankful I have found her!


ICCA Annual Cake Competition 2010 - A Flashback

With the Annual Wedding Cake Competition 2011 being just two days away, it is time for me to take out my photos which I have been keeping for one year. A flashback on last year's inaugural event to set the mood for my cake decorating friends who are either competing or attending.

The cake on stage is done by the ICCA team.

As part of last year's committee (though I did not contribute much due to distance), it is an opportunity to be able to watch the event as it unfolds from the beginning. 

Late at night...can't remember what time, because the set-up can only start when the mall is closed. I like it at this stage...the calm before the storm.

The arrival of the first few cakes... 

 ...before you know it, the tables are full!

Final touch-up.
Below are close-ups of some of the cakes, individually.  

Don't they look great? Can't wait for this year's cakes...I bet it will be all over Facebook and blogs...maybe I should keep my photos for a year again?

That's me with Shahril's cake, the winning cake last year. I look like a kid...but trust me, I have grown, am still growing, non-physically that is. This is the end of Day 1, but I shall do everything in one long post, more pictures, less crapping... 

Day 2 is just 'happening'!

 Competition for kids held at the concourse area.

Teens' category.

Kids' category.

Final pieces from teens category...

...and from the kids' category.

Demonstrations held throughout the 2 days. 

Day 3...that is when I had to leave, therefore no pictures. It was prize giving so I bet you can imagine lots of activities going on. This year, I'm just contributing a demo on Pressure Piping on Cookies, but I bet the event is going to be bigger and better. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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