Wilton's New Syllabus 2011

Much as I love the Wilton old syllabus, the new one offers fresh new ideas in cake, cupcake and cookie decorating. Scroll down, and if you see like what you see, just enroll for classes.

The four new syllabus, from top left (clockwise): Decorating Basics (everything buttercream),  Flowers & Cake Design (royal icing and fondant flowers), Gum Paste and Fondant (gum paste flowers), and Extra Flowers (extra flowers in royal icing and gum paste which can be included in the main syllabus or offered on its own). 

The instructions in the new books are clearer as they have bulleted points below each picture.  

Introducing cookies, for star piping.

The first cake, pressure piping. 

The Pompom, a new flower.  

Introducing the Bismark Tip 230 for cupcake fillings. Another new flower, Shaggy Mum.  

A change in the rose...this is the Ribbon Rose.

Most of the royal icing stays the same, changes are made on the tips used, and new Lily Stamens.  

Some ideas to transform Lilies.  

 A royal icing hibiscus under the Extra Flowers syllabus.

The gum paste Mum (chrysanthemums). 
Overlays and Inlays 

The Water Lily or Lotus (Extra Flowers)

 Plumeria (Extra Flowers)

Final outcome for the cake under Gum Paste and Fondant course.

All these course can now can be taken individually, without pre-requisites as in the old pathway method. And as before, all courses comes with Tools, Book and Certificate. Prices are:
  • Decorating Basics RM500.00
  • Flowers and Cake Design RM650.00
  • Gum Paste and Fondant RM750.00 


Kids and Cupcakes...and Grown-ups too!

Its Kinderland Sports Day again!!

Opening speech by the kids.

This year, I have the pleasure of Rokiah from UmieDelite to share my multitasking work of ad-hoc preparation, selling and showing kids how to decorate, so that i have a little time for phototaking.  

Introduction of cookies-on-a-stick and macarons to raise more funds this year. Thank you to parents who have forked out RM25 per cookie (2 for RM15) and RM5 per macaron. Next year we shall have Rokiah contributing cupcakes on a cupcake tier. :) 

Our young customer...2 years old...cute!
Kinderland's mascot dropping by our stall. See the girl's reaction...haha.

Who says only kids can decorate...

Mothers can too!! Its only RM3 to decorate and bring a cupcake home. We keep the price low so that every kid a afford to at least one...many ended up with second and third.


A family affair.

Full house! At this stage, all we can do is hand out cupcakes and collect money. Its self-service decorating time...can get messy though.

A counter for The Society of the Blind promoting handmade rattan baskets at reasonable prices. Baskets can be customized for large orders. Further details on how to contact them are below.

Name 1Society of the Blind in Malaysia, Perak Branch
Name 2(Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Malaysia, Cawangan Perak)
AddressNo 22, Selasar Rokam 28,
Taman Ipoh Jaya,
31350 Perak
Telephone05-313 4248
Fax05-313 4248
DescriptionFormerly known as SBWM Perak Region. Provides educational training, welfare services, social/recreational activities and assistance to the blind in Perak.
CategoryAssociations and Support Groups
StatePerak                                                      (source)


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