Macarons: A Cookie Tutorial -Part 3

This is my first cookie tutorial! And its in fondant...normally my preferred choice would be royal icing, but this macaron cookie looks more realistic with fondant. Its done by the request of my "cakie" FB friend by the moniker Dusty Crow, who operates B'Jewel Cuppies. Let's get to it...

Tools needed: Wilton rolling pin with guide rings (use the purple one), pizza cutter, Wilton round cutter (medium size), toothpick, dusting bag, and coloured fondant. 

For the cookies, use the round cutter to cut out cookie dough, flatten them top and bottom to get slightly oval shape, then bake them.

Using the same round cutter, cut out fondant. Half the fondant, and cut away two strips, equal in size...this gives you macaron shells, top and bottom.

Paste them on the cookie. Roll out white fondant.

The white fondant acts at the buttercream for the macaron...make sure it is bulging and not flat, so that it looks like buttercream oozing out...yumm! Score two lines where the feet should start from.

Use a toothpick to make feet. My toothpick has only one sharp end. Firstly, use the blunt end to indent (as in the bottom shell), then use the sharp end to poke all over it (as in upper shell).

And you have Macaron Cookies!

Macarons: A Cupcake Tutorial -Part 2

Gotten side-tracked from cupcakes doesn't mean I have forgotten my cupcakes! Here's a cupcake tutorial...How to Shape A Macaron from Fondant.

Tools needed: Wilton small rolling pin with guide rings (use the purple ones), blade, pincher (or anything sharp like toothpicks), Wilton round cutter  ( it comes is a set of 3 sizes, use the medium one), dusting bag, and some coloured fondant. 

Roll out (using purple guide ring) coloured fondant (for the macaron shells) and white fondant (for the buttercream filling), use 1/3 only.

Roll them into balls and press them into circles of the same size, in diameter.

Sandwich them together.

Use a blade to score a line in the middle of both shells.

Use a pincher to make holes for macaron feet. At this point, the macaron most probably will be out of shape...just barrel roll it on the table, let it stand and lightly press again with your palm. Use the centre of your palm as it will give a dome shape.

That's it! A macaron made out of fondant...cute and sweet!


Macarons (on the Side) - Part 1

This has been the longest break from blogging ever! Glad you are still with me.

I've ventured into macarons...making, playing, eating and selling them. To justify the long absence, here are some pictures...aren't they sweet? Exactly as how they should taste, just sweet!

My rainbow! 
Did I find the pot of gold at the end? I've not reached the end yet...but there is a clear path shown, just taking my own sweet time, follow the rainbow, smell the roses along the way, and the journey will be sweet as well! Its all about the journey, and I don't wish it to end as I would not know what to do when I reach the end...period.

Let me introduce someone whom I am working with in this macaron business, Andrea, who manages the marketing part, get to know her through her blog. Its was through a mutual friend, Hansel, that we got to know each other...by the way, she's just as crazy about macarons as I am...me, more to the making part, she, for its aesthetics and Hansel, the tasting and eating part.

I just love working with young people, they have taught me much.


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