Macarons (on the Side) - Part 1

This has been the longest break from blogging ever! Glad you are still with me.

I've ventured into macarons...making, playing, eating and selling them. To justify the long absence, here are some pictures...aren't they sweet? Exactly as how they should taste, just sweet!

My rainbow! 
Did I find the pot of gold at the end? I've not reached the end yet...but there is a clear path shown, just taking my own sweet time, follow the rainbow, smell the roses along the way, and the journey will be sweet as well! Its all about the journey, and I don't wish it to end as I would not know what to do when I reach the end...period.

Let me introduce someone whom I am working with in this macaron business, Andrea, who manages the marketing part, get to know her through her blog. Its was through a mutual friend, Hansel, that we got to know each other...by the way, she's just as crazy about macarons as I am...me, more to the making part, she, for its aesthetics and Hansel, the tasting and eating part.

I just love working with young people, they have taught me much.

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