Macarons: A Cupcake Tutorial -Part 2

Gotten side-tracked from cupcakes doesn't mean I have forgotten my cupcakes! Here's a cupcake tutorial...How to Shape A Macaron from Fondant.

Tools needed: Wilton small rolling pin with guide rings (use the purple ones), blade, pincher (or anything sharp like toothpicks), Wilton round cutter  ( it comes is a set of 3 sizes, use the medium one), dusting bag, and some coloured fondant. 

Roll out (using purple guide ring) coloured fondant (for the macaron shells) and white fondant (for the buttercream filling), use 1/3 only.

Roll them into balls and press them into circles of the same size, in diameter.

Sandwich them together.

Use a blade to score a line in the middle of both shells.

Use a pincher to make holes for macaron feet. At this point, the macaron most probably will be out of shape...just barrel roll it on the table, let it stand and lightly press again with your palm. Use the centre of your palm as it will give a dome shape.

That's it! A macaron made out of fondant...cute and sweet!


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