Macarons: Macaron + Cake Pop (Part 4)

My fourth consecutive blog post on macarons...I really must stop so I could get on with my real job. Macarons are consuming me! This time it's macarons + cake pops! Here's a gist of a cake pop pictorial...the part to ensure the cake is secured to the lolly stick.

Make round cake balls.

Dip lolly stick into melted chocolate and poke them into the cake ball. Do this for the whole batch and by the time you finished, the first one would have hardened, so you could proceed to the next stage as shown below.

Coat the whole cake ball with the melted chocolate, drip off excess and stick them upright onto a styrofoam block to dry. I left the top flat...

...that's to attach macaron shells as hats. We, at Mackie Mania call them Mackie Babes. Cute? There are five of them...

Happy Mackie 

Shy Mackie 

Cheeky Mackie 

Winky Mackie 

 ...lastly, Mackie in Love. She has hearts as her eyes...as they say "Blinded by love, blindly in love, love is blind"...haha...I love emoticons!

Can't wait for Halloween...they shall be in costumes, but before that Deepavali. As well as Christmas, Chinese New Year...etc. till the next Hari Raya and Hari Malaysia, where they will be one year old!

Big plans for them...but for me now, its back to work while I put Mackie Mania on auto pilot as much as possible. My next post shall not be on macarons...I promise!


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