Angry Birds Birthday Bash at Tower Regency, Ipoh

An Angry Birds theme for a 1 year old birthday party held at 17th Floor, Sky Lounge, Tower Regency Hotel...a hotel which is in operations for only 2 years. All planning and organizing was done by May, my customer, the mother of the birthday boy. May and her family is from the Philippines and has been staying in Ipoh for the past 5 years. 

Backdrop done by hotel's in-house artist.

This is a non-violent Angry Birds cake, therefore no slingshot needed. That's because these are smart Angry Birds who have placed their eggs on a higher ground where the pigs can't get at them. Besides, birds outnumbered the pigs. And they are real mean looking so that the pigs would think twice before trying to get the eggs.

A better picture of the cupcakes. Off course, all pigs can only be placed at the bottom tier. Everything I do has a meaning or reason...I'm weird like that.

That's May and her sister, who came all the way from Philippines, making adjustments to the balloons.

Handmade Angry Birds paper bag, by May. They are filled with Angry Birds merchandise. 

These came all the way from Philippines. Angry Birds are concurring the world!

More Angry Birds merchandise!! Bear with me...

Angry Birds piƱata...done by May. A customary game to have during birthday celebrations in the Philippines as well.

The layout of Sky Lounge is L-shaped. So this is the other side of the room where the buffet line is set-up...also in an "L" shaped line.

Here's Migo, the birthday boy in his Angry Birds T-shirt. He has the longest eyelashes ever. May he grow to be as smart as the Angry Birds on his cake!


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