A Case Study : Seven-tiered Dummy Cake

A seven-tiered dummy cake for the purpose of cake cutting on stage. Theme colours are to be beige, gold and pink. Design inspired by Sedona Cake Couture

The sizes are, from the smallest 6 inch, gradually increasing by 2 inches, to the bottom 18 inches. Firstly, the covering with fondant. Notice the slight difference in beige tone for the top 4 tiers, compared to the bottom 3 tires. Two types of fondant brand were used (unintentionally), Snow Ice (our local brand)for the top, and Pettinice (from NZ) for the bottom. So, we can conclude that the same colouring recipe (1kg fondant : 4 drops Americolour Gold) used on different brands of fondant would not produce the exact colour. The colouring was done by hand kneading each kg of fondant individually. In total, top 4 tiers used 2.5kg, and bottom tier, 4.5kg...excluding drapes and bead borders.

The cake was left in its 2 forms (meaning top 4 and bottom 3 not joined) for easier transportation to wedding site. 

Fabric flowers were assembled on site. The centre of the roses were dusted pink. It is difficult to find the required flowers, in its suitable size, in the required colours. Which is why making your own gumpaste flowers is best. Unless there not other choices, fabric flowers would come second for me.

A wedge is done at the bottom tier to place the real piece of cake.


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