Celeste & LB at Overseas Restaurant, Ipoh (3rd September, 2011)

The wedding of Celeste and LB, Ipohans working in Singapore who comes back home nearly every weekend. That much I know about them, and off course where they stay. Celeste is so sweet, offering to get me Precious Moments figurine from S'pore if I ever need them.

A 5-tiered cupcake tower in light blue, light pink and white. Design given by the Celeste in the form of a 2-tiered cake. Something along the lines of Made in Heaven or Love in the Heavens...dreamy sort of look. So I convert it into cupcakes and gave them a blue swirl using a round tip...keeping it rounded and fluffy.

The Precious Moments figurine given as an ROM gift to the couple...they used it for their wedding cake. Isn't that meaningful? You can see the dummy cake belonging to Overseas Restaurant in the background. This Overseas Restaurant is the new building in Jalan Datoh. What you will see in the next few pictures are only half the banquet area, approximately 30 tables. There was another birthday celebration on the other side.

Here's a closer look. A total of 9 tiers and full of white roses...about 200 white roses?

Rarely do I get the opportunity to see briefings nowadays. That's what goes on before the arrival of guests. A briefing session done by the captain on the food menu, service sequence and any special requirements for the event.  

Following that is the rehearsal for food presentation, first course only. They could do better with the use of props though. 

 That's part of the 2-piece band tuning and rehearsing for the night.

The main table setting.

 Centrepiece for the main table. Cute ya? I was told everything belongs to the venue, so the set-up is by them.

Setting for a normal table. You can see the individual door gifts in light blue and light pink. These are the only thing matching the wedding cupcakes. A this point of time they have switched on the yellow lights, everything looks yellow on camera.

As I leave, there were already guests waiting outside...must start setting up time earlier in future if I want to take more pictures. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures...it's everything you see here, and more, that makes a wedding...A Wedding!  


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