ICCA Annual Cake Competition 2010 - A Flashback

With the Annual Wedding Cake Competition 2011 being just two days away, it is time for me to take out my photos which I have been keeping for one year. A flashback on last year's inaugural event to set the mood for my cake decorating friends who are either competing or attending.

The cake on stage is done by the ICCA team.

As part of last year's committee (though I did not contribute much due to distance), it is an opportunity to be able to watch the event as it unfolds from the beginning. 

Late at night...can't remember what time, because the set-up can only start when the mall is closed. I like it at this stage...the calm before the storm.

The arrival of the first few cakes... 

 ...before you know it, the tables are full!

Final touch-up.
Below are close-ups of some of the cakes, individually.  

Don't they look great? Can't wait for this year's cakes...I bet it will be all over Facebook and blogs...maybe I should keep my photos for a year again?

That's me with Shahril's cake, the winning cake last year. I look like a kid...but trust me, I have grown, am still growing, non-physically that is. This is the end of Day 1, but I shall do everything in one long post, more pictures, less crapping... 

Day 2 is just 'happening'!

 Competition for kids held at the concourse area.

Teens' category.

Kids' category.

Final pieces from teens category...

...and from the kids' category.

Demonstrations held throughout the 2 days. 

Day 3...that is when I had to leave, therefore no pictures. It was prize giving so I bet you can imagine lots of activities going on. This year, I'm just contributing a demo on Pressure Piping on Cookies, but I bet the event is going to be bigger and better. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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