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The cake industry has never ending issues with copyrights. I am concerned about it as well, but there is just too much talk about it and no clear cut guidelines. This is partly due to the production of the product, which most times is for home consumption and also nature of the product which has a short shelf life. I am mostly concerned about it from the economic point of view, that is just one of the many reasons for copyright laws.

Research and work for one of my orders has lead me to Susan Lordi and her Willow Tree creations, you can read my blog post on figurine inspiration. I have written her an email and am sharing the reply from Demdaco below

Dear Nurainie:
What beautiful work you do!  It is so nice to see your many wonderful creations!  We are happy to know that you draw inspiration from Susan's Willow Tree, and we thank you for sharing your picture of your sugar interpretation of "New Life."  Normally, we have to say no to people and organizations that wish to use Willow Tree images or logo.  But because you are creating the sugar sculptures for just one individual's enjoyment and are not mass-producing them, it is all right for you to draw your own interpretations.  We do strongly caution you that it is not all right to copy the designs for the purpose of selling to large numbers of people.  It is against our licensure agreement to sponsor or to imply a relationship that does not exist.  We are very restricted with how we can use Willow Tree images.  We can allow only retailers to use images when they are promoting the sale of the three-dimensional sculptures (store fliers, advertisements, catalogs, etc.)  They must have a land-based store and have an account in good standing with DEMDACO.  The Willow Tree trademark, logo and copyrights are the property of Susan Lordi; and products, images and logo are protected by U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws--violations are subject to prosecution. 
Nurainie, your products are beautiful, and we are very flattered that you think of Willow Tree as your inspiration for your own unique creations. Thank you so much for asking us.  We appreciate your regard for our copyright very much, and we wish you much success with your business.
Marilyn Harre

I am grateful for Marilyn's reply and explanation on the copyright issues. This will provide me the clarity for future work on my designs.


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