I have found my figurine inspiration...

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would know my 'love' for figurines. I'm much more of a flower person and therefore dread having to do figurines, even animal ones. Then one day, I received a call for Isaac, looking for a first year wedding anniversary cake. One look at the attachment from my mobile phone, I said "It's beyond my level!"

See what I mean?! 

Instead of Google, I turned to Pinterest this time...and found Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi. I love how her sculptures convey messages through body language and positioning alone. Each piece has a name. The above is New Life. 

This is the result. For Isaac, Rachel and their three month old baby.
A lot of subtle positioning have not been captured, example the bending of the father's leg, the placement of the mother's hand and face, therefore, the real 'feeling' is not conveyed here.  

I can't know the placement of the mother's hand from the picture, so I created my own 'subtle' positioning.

And also make the joining of arms to body 'seemless'...lots of cracks (can't be seen from photos), not easy at all! And my figurines currently have no mouth...I have not gotten to that stage yet.

Anyway, I'm happy with it...and look forward to doing more figurines. Susan Lordi is my figurine inspiration and I'm thankful I have found her!


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