Smurfy Party!

 Welcome to a Smurf Party! 
Held at Ipoh City & Country Club for Jeevessh turning one year old on 11.11.11. 
All decorations done by Beauty Balloon.

 At the entrance.

There's even a guest book for birthday parties! 
Open up and you get to see 4 portraits of baby Jeevessh inside. 

Smurfs framing the entrance. All tables and chairs are in blue too. Took a photo of them, but something wrong with my camera settings, so you will just have to view them from the outside.  

The stage backdrop.

The cake tower.

My baby smurf! 
Its arms are on wires. 

 I like the balloons framing the buffet line...a balloon in a balloon...like a rainbow.

Another additional smurf cake...buttercream iced, picture taken at home. 

Party packs in blue and white theme colour.

That's all! 
Are you smurfed out yet?

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