Icy and Jason at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

The wedding of one of my former college student at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang. It was a small gathering for thirty relatives and close friends. Yes, I was invited! So I shall write as a guest and give you insides of Hard Rock Hotel, as an outdoor wedding venue.

The facade of the building and its iconic guitar.

The outdoor set-up.

Beautiful dress!

Icy and Jason with the cake I did for them. The ribbon was in trend in wedding magazines, so I just copied the idea. Used gum glue to stick the ribbon. Love how the yellow peony matches the bouttonnaire and hand bouquet...purely coincidence.

Wedding favors...yellow and green macaron shells joined together. With bride and grooms' names on each side. 

The "Happy Family"...that's what they called themselves in college.
The bride and her siblings. All pretties and a handsome, younger brother Brian.

Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe. It was October, the breast cancer awareness month...therefore, Pinktober. 


We pre-ordered our main courses weeks before the wedding. Were given a list of 12 items to choose from. This was Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken. Serving portion was half a chicken...I'm full by looking at it!

This was better, it's Grilled Mediterranean Shrimp Linguine. 

The thing about gumpaste flowers, they can be pulled out (depending on the arrangement) from the cake and kept, how long before humidity get to it will depend on how and where it is kept...these are some of the tips to share with brides.

A peak into the bedroom...

...and bathroom.

The bar located in the middle of the lobby. Just love the white moth orchids on the guitar.

Finally, a happy bride and her Tiffany & Co. ring.


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