Wedding Cakes at Indulgence Restaurant and Living, Ipoh

This is a collection of wedding cakes done by recommendations from Indulgence Restaurant and Living, Ipoh. 

For Lorraine, rabbit couple figurine. I like doing animal figurines. You can't go wrong as they are symbolic representations of the normal human figurines of the bride and groom. Anyhow done, they would look cute. I made them simple, in their birthday suits, with just the addition of wedding accessories. With simple cut and paste flowers and leaves to give the rabbits a garden like atmosphere. 

And as usual, made the groom rabbit show a little more love. 

This is a small 2-tier, 5 inches for top cake and 7 inches for the bottom. Direct order from Indulgence for a single tier just for cake cutting. I made 2-tier, but shorter than normal height. Cake stands belong to Indulgence, they are detachable, and the flowers around them are done by Cherish Flowers and Gifts. 

The overall set-up.

For Veron, who likes anything pink. Cake is done by Grace Wong, my fellow cake decorator friend from KL who was on a visit...sort of like a visiting chef thing. Thank you Grace!

A closer look at the cake. Figurines were supplied by Veron, made in Italy, bought from Singapore. 

For Geoh Peng, a turquoise, red and white theme, but we kept the cake just red and white. Cupcake wrappers were brought back from Melbourne. I should have rearranged the colour combination the other way, starting from white as the bottom tier. With cupcake towers, you can only visualize the outcome in your head prior to set up. That's because you have to consider the colour of the boards, the separators, the cupcakes, the decorated area between the table and the first tier, the table itself...all these to be 'seen' eye level, as how the wedding guests would see them.

Cupcakes as wedding favors.

The overall restaurant set-up. They have changed the chairs. This was from the breakfast room. If not mistaken, they have 3 types of chairs. Chairs play a part in contributing to the aesthetics of an event and comfort of the guest. 

There was another 2 birthday events, but I have saved the cake photos into Flickr and deleted from my computer, and Flickr does not allow any downloads. I shall remember not to delete them in future.

Thank you Indulgence, for recommending me to your customers!


A Recap of Chinese New Year Tutorials

It is Chinese New Year again! As usual, a tutorial to share. Just a quick recap of those from 2 years back before I introduce something new. 

Last year's Rabbit Tutorial, on using cutters to get the specific amount of fondant paste if you are doing more than one of the same figurine. It's easier than weighing out fondant.

This round Wilton cutter is what I use nowadays. For example, the dragon body uses 3 full round cut-outs; the legs, half round each; and the hands, quarter round each.   

Another use of cookie cutters for Christmas theme.

This dragon cutter comes in a set of a dragon and a phoenix. They are the not so commonly found cutters of Chinese theme. They can't be called cookie cutters, as they are more for fondant/gum paste cut-outs for cakes. Very flexible, like the concept of Patchwork Cutters, where you could bend, twist and tweak them after cutting.

Another post on using Chocolate Moulds for fondant. 

I'm still using them this year...but on cookies.

Adding to all these, I have been working on royal iced cookies.

You can get the tutorial from my new cookie blog

I look forward to producing more cookies this year. It is very therapeutic (the decorating part), and very quick in production, easy to transfer designs you have in mind to a canvas, a less messy kitchen, longer shelf-life, and best of all, can be eaten at all times!  

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 
and may you have sweets all year long!


Vivian and Richard at Tropicana Grand Ballroom and Banquet, Ipoh

Vivian and I met when she came for a personal class with her mom...to learn how to make cherry blossoms so she could do her own wedding cake. She's crazy about cherry blossoms! I have her contacts saved in my phone as "Vivian - Cherry Blossoms". She is also the one who introduced me to the term "Bridezilla"...yep, she's the one! 

Vivian is so kind in letting me have access to her wedding photos on Facebook, and to share it in my blog. The sentences highlighted in dark red are extracted from notes attached to her photos.  

Credits also goes to the other wedding vendors (right at the end of this blog post) involved in helping to plan and execute this beautiful wedding of Vivian and Richard. 

The Wedding Rings - Engagement Ring. Groom & Bride's Rings from Cartier.

I have always wanted to get married in a Jimmy Choos! I fell in love with the most amazing, 
glamourous and sparkling open peep toes Choos.
Richard's Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

My Bridal and Bridesmaids' bouquets. Main flowers used are roses, eustomas and hydrangeas.
I loved my bouquet! The flowers were gorgeous and they lasted all day.
I ordered a set of charms from etsy.com. The florist added the charms and wrapped it all up in a pink ribbon. Mine proudly displayed "LIVE LOVE LAUGH".
The rest are
"Live Your Dreams"

"Never Give Up"

"Love and be Loved"

Me with my gorgeous girlfriends - they came in all shades of pink!
Richard and his band of merry men in black and white ensemble.

The First Peek.

We transform our garden as the Tea Ceremony Venue.
Traditional prayers begin...
The Traditional Tea Ceremony set - a family heirloom.

The Wedding Dinner banquet begins ...true to the cherry blossom hanami theme we kept everything in soft pink tones & gold

At cocktail lounge, guests wrote wedding wishes to hang upon a Wishing Tree.

All our flower chidren. Each child here represents both families. 

Richard's cousins. My BFFs children Shawn & Chloe - i practically booked them while their mom were pregnant with them. And my cousins' children Celine and Bernard.

Our guests sat with cherry blossom arrangements demarcated the wedding venue. by Abel Saw of HnH Florist.
The centerpiece was filled with fresh roses, eustomas, and hydrangeas and the candles brought up a romantic glow on the table settings.
We have cherry blossoms adorned our seats too!

The Wedding Cake. Cherry Blossoms petal decorated the 3-tiers white cake by the talented Nurainie Tan. The Wedding Cake is the first on my checklist and the easiet too - it had to be from Nurainie and no one else !
The Wedding Favours. Each guest received a yummy macaron adorned with cherry blossoms fondant flowers in branch enclosed in transparent and gold box
For cocktail hours, guests drank whilte wine and munched on blueberry muffins baked by my relatives.

My evening gown from Divine Couture...a fusion of eastern meets western culture - conservative yet sexy.
Jacqueline Saw and her team makes the most fabulous Cheongsam.
Swarovski Crystals accented the lovely lace cuttings at the back.

Our First Dance.

Zach & Amelyn Chin of ZA Gallery

Flowers & Decoration:  
Abel Saw of HOCK NAM HIN Fruits, Flowers & Gifts

Cakes & Macarons:
Nurainie Tan

Wedding Planners:
Suan Bee & C-Hun of Touching Hearts Wedding Concepts

Bridal Gown:
The Wedding Station

Evening Gown:
Divine Couture

Wedding Banquet Hall
Tropicana Grand Ballroom & Banquet Ipoh


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