A Recap of Chinese New Year Tutorials

It is Chinese New Year again! As usual, a tutorial to share. Just a quick recap of those from 2 years back before I introduce something new. 

Last year's Rabbit Tutorial, on using cutters to get the specific amount of fondant paste if you are doing more than one of the same figurine. It's easier than weighing out fondant.

This round Wilton cutter is what I use nowadays. For example, the dragon body uses 3 full round cut-outs; the legs, half round each; and the hands, quarter round each.   

Another use of cookie cutters for Christmas theme.

This dragon cutter comes in a set of a dragon and a phoenix. They are the not so commonly found cutters of Chinese theme. They can't be called cookie cutters, as they are more for fondant/gum paste cut-outs for cakes. Very flexible, like the concept of Patchwork Cutters, where you could bend, twist and tweak them after cutting.

Another post on using Chocolate Moulds for fondant. 

I'm still using them this year...but on cookies.

Adding to all these, I have been working on royal iced cookies.

You can get the tutorial from my new cookie blog

I look forward to producing more cookies this year. It is very therapeutic (the decorating part), and very quick in production, easy to transfer designs you have in mind to a canvas, a less messy kitchen, longer shelf-life, and best of all, can be eaten at all times!  

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 
and may you have sweets all year long!



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