A Turquoise, Red and White Wedding at Syuen Hotel, Ipoh

The wedding of Cindy and Andrea, December 3rd, 2011
A turquoise, red and white colour theme wedding at two venues,
Canning Garden Methodist Church in the morning and  Syuen Hotel at night.

Cupcake tower of a symmetrical design...tres chic!

Guestbook in the form or a chart, personally handmade by Cindy, a scrapbooking enthusiast, I was told.

Matching hearts with verses.

Paper lanterns.

More of Cindy's creations, handmade Love Birds theme cards, origami cranes and flower pom-poms.

One of the two dessert tables, the current trend at weddings. 
These were set up at the foyer of Syuen Hotel's ballroom.

Love birds cupcake tags and cupcakes by Cindy.

My matching butter cupcakes with coconut flakes buttercream and strawberries.

Personalised cookies.

More decorations at the foyer.

Centrepiece for the main table by SunnyBlooms. I wish to acknowledge the wonderful team at SunnyBlooms in transporting the whole cupcake tower from one venue to the other and recreating the same theme at both venues.

More paper lanterns. I love them!

This cake is designed by Cindy for her sister Wendy and Matt's wedding sometime in the middle of 2011.
Notice the similarities? 
I have had customers who are drawn to this cake and at the same time enquire about the turquoise cupcakes above, without knowing the story behind them. Cindy is one of the few brides that emailed me her plans in pdf. I would encourage wedding customers to design their own wedding cakes, I merely provide advices on the feasibility of their designs and carrying out the technical details from baking right through setting up the cake at the venue. Cindy's design is just something not my norm, and it is a breath of fresh air among my cakes.

These are cake balls aka non-alcoholic rum balls served at each table during the lunch buffet. Colours are to match with the cake. Decorations at the venue (Dome Restaurant, Meru Valley) were also by SunnyBlooms. Everything was in white, which made the cake totally outstanding!


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