Challenging Oneself

Tom Cruise said it best when he said 
"I demand a lot of myself. I want to learn. I can't sit back. 
I like a challenge, so I create a lot of challenges for myself."

And that's how my peach challenge started. I live in Ipoh, a quiet and peaceful city, rich in history, two hours away from the capital. Unfortunately, it is known as an old folks place because the young has migrated to other nearby cities for work and only comes back during festive seasons and weekends. As a result, continuous orders for the peach cake for the birthday celebration of elders, which to the Chinese symbolises wealth, health, love and longevity.

The challenge is to be able to give a twist to each cake so that it is different from the rest, and created special, just for the recipient.   

This is my latest cake. A cupcake tower ordered by Ellie for her mom. Therefore, I added some flowers to go with it. They are piped royal icing flowers taught in one of the Wilton course (the apple blossom and violet), which to me looks more delicate than fondant flowers. 

Here's a pictorial on carving the peach. 
From top left clockwise, bake a cake with a dome top, carve it, 
cover with fondant and dust with pink petal dust, lastly make leaves and gum them to the sides.

This is my first peach. Fondant peaches on cupcakes. 
The Chinese character (means longevity) is piped with royal icing.

This is a combo of peach cake with cupcakes ordered by a granddaughter for her grandfather.
Looks funky!

This is a 12 inch cake iced with buttercream. 
Ordered by a company having a birthday celebration for the boss's wife. 

A simple clean looking eight inch peach cake for a father-in-law...it looks empty and lonely, 
so I put in two fondant peaches as accompaniment. 

I look forward to more longevity peach orders. 
For future works, kindly refer to updates in my facebook album.


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