An Impromptu Cake Idea

Occasionally, customers do call up for last minute birthday cake orders. Last minute would mean at least three days in advance which I can accommodate, but again it depends on my workload. At such short notice, they just want a cake in any design, as long as there is a name and the age written. 

 This is a cake for lucky Thashan, ordered by his aunt. 
An aeroplane theme birthday cake using cookie cutters. 

An opportunity to experiment with merging two colours, inspired by the current wedding trend for ombre wedding cakes. Here's a link to view examples of such cakes using different techniques.   

Two aeroplanes and a helicopter, part of my cookie cutter collection. 
I shall one day sit down and group my cookie cutters into themes, an interesting activity! 
Will do another post on that if I ever get to it. 

Cut-outs from fondant.
By the way, Wilton has this technique of cut-outs, over-lays and in-lays.
Applicable for this project.

Lastly, decorate and position your cut-outs and add other details, 
according to theme, such as the clouds here.

A fast cake decorating technique...and interesting too! 
You just have to start a cookie cutter collection and group them into different themes. Each theme could be re-used many times but with different positioning of cut-outs and in different colours with different details which would result in a different looking cake each time. 


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