A Meaningful Cake for a Wacky Wedding

This could be my favourite cake for this year.
Ideas from Nora, a bride who knows what she wants, and among the very few that I did not get a chance to meet.

The topper for Nora and Hasnul's wedding cake.

Dusting of leaves.

Using 18 gauge wire to form a horseshoe shape.
Wind a ribbon around it.
Wind the leaves starting from top to bottom. 

Monogram using Wilton's Color Flow for strength and puffyness.
Air-brushed with black mixed with pearl sheen, both Americolor. 

Using Satin Ice Chocolate Fondant for both birds and branches.

Attaching the leaves.

A simple designed cake full of meaning.
Horseshoe shaped topper for luck.
Monogram of the couple's initials under it.
Two love birds, one flying towards the other perched on a branch.
Autumn coloured leaves, starting from green, turning dark brown to signify a long marriage life. 

I was told these was done by the bride and groom.
A photo booth for guests to take their pictures.
Totally wacky!
A carnival like atmosphere for the wedding, I can imagine the guests having fun.

A side table near the photo booth with the sign "Take One Each".
Marshmallows, colourful pencils and bookmarks.

Momento bookmarks.

Gift packs for all guests...and me too!
The colourful item in the middle is called "Agar-agar Kering"...a traditional Malay jelly seldom found nowadays. Among the procedure is the drying in the sun for at least 3 days. Tastes like Turkish Delights but with a crisp texture on the outside.

Traditional + Wacky + Meaningful
I have great customers. :)


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