Cows as Wedding Cake Toppers...and some Butterflies too.

Another cute animal themed wedding cake topper.

It's cows this time!
Plus some butterflies which are among the bride's favourite things.

Cow figurines in the making.
They have heart-shaped hooves.

View from the top.
Cow have elongated heads so when you see from the top, you can actually see the eyes and such.
But when viewed from the front, you get a smiley face...the pink portion where the nostrils and mouth looks like. :)

Cow shaped spots using all sorts of cutters available on-hand.

Making the butterflies.
Using my collection of butterfly cutters. Metal ones are cookie cutters,
black ones are from the Patchwork Cutters range. 
Tutorial for this can be found here.

Attaching body to the butterflies and wiring them.
This is so that you can position them not just on the cake,
 but also between the cake boards used to construct the tower.

The front view.
Can you see the smiley face?

The 'pelamin', the wedding dais, 
where the bride and groom will be seated for the 'bersanding',
 a traditional Malay wedding enthronement ceremony.

Beautiful main table set-up with a small fountain at the front.
This is where the wedding couple and close family will have their 
formal meal with their guests. (source)

Guests table with the dome tray in the middle, which consist of compartments under the lid, for different dishes taken with rice. 

A reception table with the Guest Book.

Items in the gift pack for guests.
Marshmallows in a jar,
cookies with initials (done by me!)
a 'bunga telur', hard-boiled egg with a stalk of silk flower (another traditional item to signify fertility),
and a prayer book with bride and groom's name. 


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