Brangelina aka Mr and Mrs Smith...as Wedding Toppers

The wedding of Mohana and Pratip in Syuen Hotel, Ipoh. 

A picture of the topper is provided by Mohana. 
It doesn't say Brangelina...or Mr. and Mrs. Smith...I just made it up
...cause it does reminds me of them in that movie.
The bride's costume is a replica of what Mohana wore that night.  

Here's how I did the bride...

...and the groom.

Give them heads, faces and hair from royal icing.
Overall, I'm quite happy with the outcome, just a couple of points to remember for future wedding figurines.

Funky designed cupcakes to match.
The cake theme was "nothing serious, and in warm colours". 

Cool backdrop!

This is what you see as you enter the ballroom.

Another backdrop at the far end of entrance.

Pretty and sweet!

Everything in its place and all ready for service.


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