Tiered Buttercream Wedding Cake at Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC), Ipoh

The wedding of Deena and Jaya, 23rd June, 2012 at the Jubilee Hall, Royal Perak Golf Course. 

This is a buttercream wedding cake with four real cake on the upper tiers 
and a dummy bottom tier covered with fondant. 

Here's a flower that looks like the anemone. 

Thinning and cupping the petals.

Left to dry in a flower former. 

The stamens using gold thread.

Flowers are to be pink and gold, purple and silver.

A cone shaped paste is attached to the back after the stamens are inserted.
Sort of like a short cut, cheating method. ;)

The letters J and D are printed out from the computer, cut out and use as a template to cut out on gum paste and turn them into monograms.
Gold and silver dragees added to give some bling.

Top two tiers of cake is assembled at the venue.
Each tier has a different texture...and I just love cakes without borders. 
It's my first buttercream wedding cake...happy with the outcome. :)

The flowers are then attached to the cake with the monogram on top.

The photography corner where guests can take photos with the bride and groom after dinner. 

An archway decorated with lanterns and pom-poms.
Walkway strewn with red rose petals.

This is the entrance to the ballroom with a huge and long banner for guests to write their wishes on.


  1. wow ! your cake are perfect and your blog is fantastic!
    now i follow you :) bye bye



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