Zarina and David - A Mix of Two Traditions and a Golf Themed Wedding Cake

The wedding of Zarina and David, a Malay bride to a Frenchman, therefore, we are looking at the pulut kuning, the croquembouche and a golf-themed wedding cake.
Simply interesting!

The traditional pulut kuning / nasi kunyit / nasi kuning accompanied with a side dish of beef rendang, laid out among the other hantaran items,
 the customary exchange of gifts between the bride and groom.
Here's a link to Sleepless in KL's blog which explains clearly the requirements of hantaran, 
a good guide for brides-to-be.

This is a set of autumn leaf cutters, among one of my early cake tool possessions...and I never knew they were autumn leaves! 
Only found that out when I have to do this wedding...so I googled (my best friend is Google, or maybe I should name my next pet Google, or get a beagle and name it Google).

The four autumn shades for four different leaf shapes chosen. 

Before dusting.

Ta daa! After dusting.
A lot of difference dusting does.

Frangipani seems to be the best flower to match the leaves.
Here's the tutorial for it.

The elegant pelamin by Sarah Annabella.

Now, I shall introduce the wedding page of Zarina and David on Facebook.
Yes, the Facebook, sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it...but this time, I guarantee you will absolutely love it!

Please take a look at the page...all I can blog about is show and tell pictures of wedding cakes and venues without any people in them. The people is what makes all the difference, no matter what the cake and venue looks like.

This is the golf-themed cake.
I couldn't get a good picture of it because of the lighting from the window.
The bride looks very much like Zarina. The figurines tell the whole story, so I just air-brushed the cake and kept everything simple...a minimalist cake, 
and not to mention flat and broad, as opposed to a normally tall wedding cake.
A golf theme is so difficult...maybe it is the question of the placement of the figurines.
To place them at the most appropriate position to tell a story.

Next is the croquembouche!
My first attempt.

I baked the profiteroles on the day of the wedding...just too risky!
Then piped pastry cream into them from the bottom,
but not too much so that they remain light.
Ganache the whole styrofoam at the venue...

Stick the profiteroles on the cone and brush on more ganache around each one so that they would stick to the neighbouring ones.

Brush on caramel sauce to make them shine...and by now they smelled heavenly!
So I had to share the extras with other wedding vendors and crew around at that time...the wedding was fun even before guest arrival...hehe!

The frangipani and autumn leaves.

A 2 feet high croquembouche.

The main dining table which the bride and groom will be seated.
All decorations by Sarah Annabella.


And more pumpkins!

Scattered leaves on the pathway.

This dinner was at Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC),
one of my favourite wedding venues now! 


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