What I did in 2012

Happy New Year 2103!
I'm late in wishing, as they say, better late than never!
My wish for my blog this year is the same as last year...to ensure regular and quality postings every month, so simple and yet so difficult...the simplest things are the most difficult, unappreciated too, because they can't easily be seen...but can only be felt. Here's to more "HEART" in 2013.

2102 has been good to me.
I get to design and implement my cupcake syllabus.
Thanks to Wah Seng, the local retailer and authorized centre for Wilton, the venue where I conduct my classes.

Sharing some photos of students in Cupcake Class Level 1.1.
This syllabus is designed for beginners, from the baking of cupcakes to decorating using buttercream.
Simple piping techniques like swirls, rosettes and identifying tips and their functions.

This is for Level 2 which uses fondant as the decorating medium. 
Level 2.1 shows the using of cutters to create 2D designs
Level 2.2 extends to 3D items which explains the usage of gum tragacanth or CMC (a man-made substitute).

I will be working to further expand my cupcake syllabus this year, that is why they are simply called by their levels, which a theme, or any cupcake theme depending on season can be adapted according  to the syllabus in the levels.

Wishing one and all a progressive and productive 2013! 

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