My 100th blog post :)

Time to celebrate my 100th blog post!
As I write this, part of my house is being repainted, 
with the aim of creating a more conducive idea inspiring environment.

The 100th blog post...need to make it a good one.
This cake is done for a wedding planner sometime late last year...instruction given was champagne, cream and white showing tone effects.

Here's a look at some behind the scene cake work. 

Doing the pleats. 

Rectangular cut-outs and folds of the same size...assembled to form pleats. 

Second tier, flower cut-outs and royal icing piping at boarders and lines to make lace effect.

More pleats at the top tier.

Assembling the flowers, calla lilies and sweetpeas. 
Sweetpeas to provide some ruffles to straight lined calla lilies.
Just playing with the lines of flowers...abstract art using flowers,
another idea I want to grow for my designs.


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